Thank you for installing
Web Scraper browser extension

Making web data extraction easy and accessible for everyone

4 step guide to getting started


Open Web Scraper tool bar

  1. Open browser menu
  2. Click More tools
  3. Click Developer tools
  4. Move Developer tools to bottom
  5. Open Web Scraper Tab

Create Sitemap

  1. Click Create Sitemap
  2. Choose a name for your Sitemap
  3. Add a start URL

Create Data selectors

  1. Click Add New Selector
  2. Choose a name and type
  3. Select data source element
  4. Save selector
  5. Repeat

Launch Scraper & Download data

  1. Click Sitemap and then Scrape
  2. Click Start scraping
  3. Wait for the scraper to run
  4. Click Sitemap and then Export data
  5. Download data

You are all set, start scraping!