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How to find all the local restaurants in Yellow Pages using Web Scraper

September 02, 2019


Have you ever planned a trip to a different state, city or even a country but did not know any places to have a delicious dinner at? We all know that Yellow Pages is the go-to site if we want to find restaurants in specific areas but it can often be frustrating to get boggled up with bottomless pages on it. Luckily, Web Scraper is here to solve this by allowing you to extract all the information you need from Yellow Pages. So you can enjoy great meals during your trip.

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Web Scraper browser extension
Web Scraper 0.4.0 release

April 17, 2019

Sitemap.xml, Release

We are happy to announce that Web Scraper 0.4.0 has been released. This release contains a new selector, updates to other selectors and improved CSS selector generator. Starting from version 0.4.0 Web Scraper is also available in Firefox.

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