Element selector

Element selector is for element selection that contain multiple data elements. For example element selector might be used to select a list of items in an e-commerce site. The selector will return each selected element as a parent element to its child selectors. Element selectors child selectors will be extracting data only within the element that the element selector gave them.

Note! If the page dynamically loads new items after scrolling down or clicking on a button then you should try these selectors:

Configuration options

  • selector - CSS selector for the wrapper elements that will be used as parent elements for child selectors.
  • multiple - multiple records are being extracted (almost always should be checked). Multiple option for child selectors usually should not be checked.

Use cases

Select multiple e-commerce items from a page

For example an e-commerce site has a page with a list of items. With element selector you can select the elements that wrap these items and then add multiple child selectors to it to extract data within the items wrapper element. Figure 1 shows how an element selector could be used in this situation.

Fig. 1: Multiple items selected with element selector

Extract data from tables

Similarly to e-commerce item selection you can also select table rows and add child selectors for data extraction from table cells. Though Table selector might be much better solution.

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