Scheduler is a feature for Web Scraper Cloud which enables the user to automatize scraping jobs for a specific time. It can be set by navigating to sitemap Details page and clicking on Scheduler tab.

Note! If an ongoing scraping job is in motion or it runs for longer than the scheduled interval, the new scheduled scraping job will start only when the previous one has finished.

Scheduler configurations options

The configuration options for scheduled sitemap scraping jobs are:

  • Scheduler Time Zone - timezone which will be used when launching a scheduled scraping job.
  • Scheduler Type - one of the 3 scheduler types, each type has different configuration options.
  • Driver - Full(with JavaScript) or Fast(no JavaScript) driver.
  • Request interval - page request interval in milliseconds.
  • Page load delay - time period that scraper will wait for the page to load before extracting the data in milliseconds.
  • Proxy - whether to use a proxy while scraping the site. A custom proxy can be selected only by Scale plans.

These configuration options will be applied for all scheduled scraping jobs, for the specific sitemap.

Scheduler types

There are 3 types of scheduler configuration options available:

Daily scheduler

Select the weekdays and the time for which the scraping jobs should be started.

Interval scheduler

Interval can be set either by hours or minutes. If the interval is set by hours, scheduler will start scraping jobs on the round hours.

Custom Cron expression scheduler

If a very customized and specific scheduler is needed, for which the previous scheduler types are not fit for, set up a custom Cron expression.

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