Regex match parser

Regular Expression is used to extract a substring from a string. To learn more about regular expressions see RegExr.

Configuration options

  • Regex - regular expression. Global flag is set as default and can't be changed. Slashes don't have to be escaped and expression must not be enclosed in slashes.
  • Groups - select a capture group that needs to be returned. If a group is selected and doesn't exist anymore, it will change to default Match 0.
  • Multiple - if checked, returns more than one match.
  • Separator - separates matches. Active only if Multiple is checked. Escape sequences as \n\r\t can be used.

Use cases

Extract text that is before or after specific keywords.

By using capture groups, it is easier to extract a specific string from the text without writing complicated regular expressions.

text regex capture group result
price: $14.99 inc.VAT price:\s+([^\s]+) 1 $14.99
4.2 out of 5 stars ([^\s]+) out of 1 4.2
date: 2014-08-20 \d+-\d+-\d+ 0 2014-08-20

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