Replace text parser

This parser enables to replace or remove a string. To remove a string, leave Text to place field empty.

Configure options

  • Text to replace - text or pattern that will be searched for and replaced in the output.
  • Text to place - text that will be placed. Escape sequences as \n\r\t can be used. If Use Regex is checked, capture groups can be returned as $x where x is the capture group number.
  • Use Regex - if checked, parser will interpret Text to replace field as a regular expression. To learn more about regular expressions see RegExr.

Use cases

Insert text in the middle of the string
By returning capture groups in Text to place field, it is possible to place a text within an existing string.

Source text:


Text to replace: ([^\n]+)[\s\n]+([^\n]+)
Text to place: $1: $2
Use Regex: checked

Result text:

Color: Green
Material: Metal

Replace all text
To add a default value - replace all the text in the field. [\s\S]+ regular expression will match all whitespaces and not whitespaces thus the whole string.

Text to replace: [\s\S]+
Text to place: your new text
Use Regex: checked

Add domain to URL path
If scraping image URLs or URLs a domain name is missing, add a domain name by replacing the beginning of the string and slash with domain name and slash. This way parser will add domain name only to those fields that have a path instead of all fields even if they are empty.

Text to replace: ^/
Text to place:
Use Regex: checked

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