Element scroll down selector

This is another Element selector that works similarly to Element selector but additionally it scrolls down the page multiple times to find those elements which are added when page is scrolled down to the bottom. Use the delay attribute to configure waiting interval between scrolling and element search. Scrolling is stopped after no new elements are found. If the page can scroll infinitely then this selector will be stuck in an infinite loop.

Configuration options

  • selector - CSS selector for the element.
  • multiple - multiple records are being extracted (almost always should be checked). Multiple option for child selectors usually should not be checked.
  • delay - delay before element selection and delay between scrolling. This should usually be specified because the data won't be loaded immediately from the server after scrolling down. More than 2000 ms might be a good choice if you don't want to lose data because the server did not respond fast enough.

Use cases

See Element selector use cases.

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